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Watching these little ones being born. :)

Beware the shakycam--consider yourself warned!

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I think Lynx will be going to a new home next week, where dock diving will be a major activity of his. His new person will be driving up from Florida to meet him. She owns his sister and has been very active with her. She's really excited about competing with him in dock diving. She'll also work with him in lure coursing and personal protection--and maybe agility. I think it's the right decision, that he'll be happier and will end up well loved and thoroughly enjoying each and every day.

But it's going to be very, very hard to see him go. Today, he was my "go dog" and he did errands with me, and we went to the lake and he got a few dives in.

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Most zen pups ever...

Four days old...
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This past weekend, was the Bundeseigerprufung--the German national Sch3 championships.

This is the obedience routine of the winning pair. I love the precision and evident relationship between dog and handler. The handler also does an exquisitely controlled job of handling the dog throughout the routine--she knows exactly what she is going to do, what the dog is going to do, what is allowed, and what is needed by and for her dog. Beautiful training, beautiful performance.

Oh, and Jubilee passed the 2nd leg of her JHD! I'll post the video of that soon. :)
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They are rather relaxed and hot in this video, but it's a nice capture of the happy chaos that follows this lot. Little red-collar girl goes to her new home today, yellow girl will be here for another week, and the boy is here a little longer, too. And the sable girl is still looking for her person -- so I will get to enjoy three of them a bit longer. We have started meals in crates and will be working on name recognition (for them what have names!) and puppy recalls and sits and downs for hotdogs.

Little sable girl has turned into a unique individual. She is warm and affectionate with a strong sense of self that often has her marching to her own drumbeat. She doesn't feel any need to follow her bicolor siblings around and I will often find her off doing her own thing while the bicolors rough and tumble together. But this isn't to say that she's a loner--she will often follow at my heels while the bicolors are off romping somewhere and she is quick to seek and give gentle affection.

Red-collar girl's mission in life is to steal my shoes--the ones I am wearing, preferably, and she will bite my ankles until I yelp and give over. Meanwhile, little yellow is probably off conquering her image in the mirror or wrestling some far-larger toy into submission. Mr. Qi (chi), the boy's new name) is amazingly suave--relaxed and confident as he surveys the chaos around him.

So, here's the video of a hot (about 95!) summer afternoon with the Q puppies...

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This is the long version of the clip from my previous post. :)

Here's pups having their first exposure to puppy food, a few minutes before the above video.


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