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Took some more pics of Nemi last week. She's grown up a little bit from the last set--but she's still a dork.

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This is Nemain, aka Nemi. She has tongue issues.

She is young--10 months now--and full of glee.

Apparently glee makes one's tongue bigger.

Nemi thinks this is your problem, not hers.

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Back in 2008, I put a deposit down on a female puppy out of two specific parents, and for one reason or another--from resorption to no girl puppies to the business/dogs were all sold because the owner was ill--no puppy was forthcoming.... until late 2011. A girl pup is available for me from the full sister of the litter I had a reservation on (same dad)--do I want the pup?

I was all OMG... YES.. No! Yes! Maybe??? Yes. WEll... maybe?

What's more, communication with the seller was weird. Until it came out that the person I was communicating with had had a huge falling out with the person who actually had the mother and puppies in her care....

At any rate, I was sent a few pictures and then a short video, and I made arrangements and drove to New York state in the aftermath of the October snowstorm and nearly got stuck in the Connecticut mountains when tree after tree came down blocking all the roads.... But, I *EVENTUALLY* got there and met my puppy and OMG, she was bold and sweet and did great on the 9 hour drive home--but she sat in my seat and HOWLED like a little wolf when I had to stop for a pee break.


At any rate, she's 5 months now, and I'm thoroughly puppywhipped. I am smitten. She's a really neat pup and I'm having a blast raising her -- doing all the things I've learned over the last 10 years and maybe, finally, getting it almost right. :)


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