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Ruffian curls up next to Coal in the futon chair in my office

Both the cats and Ruffian like to snuggle up to Coal. He pretends he doesn't even notice, but I think he secretly loves it. He's a closet lovebug.

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It is dark and gray and chilly and very wet out there right now. And I just want to lie under a blankie and watch True Blood or something on the TV. Oda and Macha are in the yard working on making mud, the terriers are totally into the blankie + sofa + tv thing, as long as I'll hurry up and get to the sofa and let them sleep under the blanket. Nike's not having her best day--I had to stand in the rain with her to talk her into her morning pee and then she glared at me the whole time as if suspicious that I was the one making it rain. Back inside, she tilted her head demandingly at me, then the freezer, then me, and I had to explain that I had no ice bones for her. Not long later, I heard a thump as she... fell off her dog bed. I mean. Really.

Coal thinks this is just another day hard at work, same ol' same ol.

.... though he wishes I'd get him another futon sofadogbed since the current futon chair in the office doesn't let him get really comfy.


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