May. 14th, 2013

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Lynx is in Florida and his new person is LOVING him--he is doing dock diving and protection work already and she's having a blast doing some obedience with him. He must be in heaven. She has him for 3 months to make sure, then I'll sign over co-ownership of him--so he can always come back home and he won't be sold on. Don't think this woman is that type, but it does happen (especially with worky GSDs). It's wonderful to have him getting to do all he wants to do and have someone else think he's really a fantastic dog. She also owns Macy from my M litter--Lynx's full sister, but 1 year younger.

Loch is in PA, training for a service dog, and she is LOVING him. He also has started dock diving and she plans to compete with him in AKC obedience. She is loving his willing attitude and he is completely smitten with his new person. The person who has Macha is good friends with Loch's new person and her comment was, "He is a VERY NICE dog." So. Again with the validation--my feeling on him was that he was an extremely nice working dog prospect. These M and L dogs are good, useful dogs who love to work and do stuff and want very much to be good--and the ones who aren't working are fabulous companions and pets who are very bonded to their people.

I went herding this weekend and Strider rocked his first two lessons on goats. Jubilee is a better dog than I can do justice too; Oda thinks her game is better than my game. Nemi did some duck work and I think after her sch1, we'll go on to herding with her.

In the meantime, have a picture of the happiest puppy in the world:

Smiling blue merle Aussie puppy


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